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Experience the Grades:  An Evening for Waldorf Parents

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Come be a Waldorf student for the evening!  Grades teachers will guide you in both early and upper grades lessons to give you a first-hand experience of the enlivening quality of this education and a taste for how well-prepared Waldorf student are when they go on to high school.  All parents of students currently enrolled in Maple Village or any other Waldorf school are invited to attend.

RSVP by calling us at (562) 434-8200 or emailing us at info@maplevillageschool.org

We’d also like to thank everyone who attended our Explore Waldorf Education evening last night!  Here is the video we showed:


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Please enjoy this wonderful video profile on Waldorf education, featuring students from early childhood through high school, as well as teachers, parents, prospective parents, and Waldorf-educated college students and adults.

What is a Steiner School? on Vimeo.

A promotional video made for the Steiner Fellowship in the UK. It explains some of the philosophies behind the educational approaches of Rudolf Steiner (also known as Waldorf) Schools. Directed and shot by Saskia Anley McCallum, Edited by Simon Fildes.

Schoolfilms makes promotional films for progressive schools and visionary educational organizations around the world, growing a strong community along the way.

The editor Simon Fildes writes: “Both my daughters go to the Moray Steiner School in Forres, Morayshire Scotland so obviously I was pleased to have the opportunity to help put the record straight about what these independent schools are about. If you care about the future of our planet, if you think that the current way of educating our children is crazy, and that the society we should be aiming to build should be based on a holistic view of humanity, the environment and the planet then watch this.”

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